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Earlier this month our window display was home to two copies of David W. Speck's letterpress edition of his arrangement of George Brecht's 1961 score TWO EXERCISES.
The books were opened when the shop opened, and then closed when the shop closed, with new pages being displayed each day.
George Brecht (1926 - 2008) was a conceptual artist who became involved in the Fluxus movement in the 1960s and 70s. Influenced by the work of John Cage, and founded by George Macianus, Fluxus crossed over many disciplines, but it was experimental music that became a particular focus for Brecht. Brecht would compose Event Scores, in which the 'musicians' would perform actions such as polishing a violin, or disassembling a flute, rather than playing in the conventional sense. Of course instruments didn't have to be involved at all. One of these Event Score's was TWO EXERCISES,

Consider an object. Call what is not the object other. Add to the object, from the other, another object, to form a new object and a new other. Repeat until there is no more other. [The first exercise.]

49 years later, Speck rearranged the score using C programming language so that it could be performed by a computer, and performed it as such at Poltroon, London in October 2010.
He then went on to create the letterpress hardback edition of the arrangement that is now available in the bookshop.

The book was designed and printed by David and hand bound by Alexandra Czinczel.

Although they are no longer in the window a copy is tucked away in a cabinet and free to view for anyone who is interested. Very limited edition, £256.

More information about TWO EXERCISES can be found at:

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  1. Great to read this, you missed the performance and discussion at bookartbookshop but our small space was filled with strange computer speak and fascinating questions about computers making creative decisions and thinking for themselves. Also how much is this book, would be good to give it a price on the blog was something strange like £257.Thanks Jon