Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Comix Reader 3

After writing about a £256 letterpress edition I thought it would be best to point out not all our books are in that price bracket, and decided there could no better contrast than The Comix Reader, a bargain at just one pound sterling. The Comix Reader is a compilation of short comics by an array of contemporary comics writers. 

It is published as a newspaper (full colour, mind you) which not only allows the generous price tag but is perfectly suited to the content: a call to arms against the bland (and corrupt) conventions that permeate our nations newsprint and a salute to the days of the Sunday Funnies, albeit with a more knowing satirical bite; this is comix with an 'x' after all. Each comic is refreshingly different from the next - there is no house style here - but each shares a common taste for the subversive, the experimental, or the angst-ridden that is so often the hallmark of alternative comics.

But most importantly the Comix Reader can be hilarious. I struggled to suppress peals of laughter (resulting in me emitting strangled yelps into the quiet sanctuary of the book shop, probably alarming customers somewhat) at reading Sean Duffield’s comic depicting Alan Sugar on the toilet.

This is the third issue of the Comix Reader. It is edited by Richard Cowdry and the cover is by the very talented Elliot Baggott. It is available from the Bookartbookshop now for £1.

- Jon Lander

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