Sunday, 13 May 2012

It's Okay

It's Okay by Dmitri Antorka-Pieri (click on image to expand and read text)

The artist Dmitri Antorka-Pieri recently brought in a selection of interesting bookworks. Printed on colourful card, Dmitri’s intricate abstract doodles and life affirming poems are beautiful to behold. My undisputed favourite is the fold-out book, It’s Okay (See image). I have already bought my copy and now must decide who to give it to – I think it definitely feels like an object to share.

The pages of the zine-format book, Sleep, exhibit a series of drawings and writing made in a darkened room in the moments before sleep. Text overlaps, drawings unravel and disconnect, and a hazy image of Dmitri’s life forms out of the dozy tangle of lines.

Another fold-out work (I’m not sure if it can be described as a book), Drawing, contains  a series of ink drawings accompanied by a poem that encourages us all to make art and be happy. Well why not?

The books range in price from £2 to £6 and are available in the bookshop now.

- Jon Lander

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