Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Journey

Over the years we have stocked many titles by the illustrator/graphic designer/print maker Belinda Chen, but this new work is on another plane - It is simply exquisite. Silk-screen printed illustrations transport us into another world where buildings have sunglasses, trees have brains, fish use boats, boats have palm trees, flowers have lifts, islands are bears and cacti wear bow ties.

But it is the way this wordless story has been bound and assembled that transforms this book into something else. Bound as a concertina, and held between two sheets of embossed and die-cut plywood that yields to the touch and curves to fit snugly, invitingly into one’s hand.

The Journey costs £65 and is in a limited edition of 25. It is available in the Bookartbookshop now.
Belinda Chen’s other titles Bel’s Paradoxical World, Crazy World, Trip in Budapest, Faces, Book of Stairs and Awkward  are also available and range from £15 to just £2.

- Jon Lander

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