Saturday, 9 June 2012

The wonderful world of Yeon Ock Lee

The artist Yeon Ock Lee has installed this beautifully intricate balsa wood cabinet containing a variety of photography, illustration and inspiration books made from 2000-2011. The two bodies of work within are a series of small books outlining the artist's adventures within that time titled the 'Time of Cicadae' and 'A Place to go to feel the beauty of Nothingness'

Both works expound on the importance of conscious awareness within the present moment, about how life literally is slipping through our fingers at every moment, and thus each moment is significantly precious.

Titles within 'Time of Cicadae' include 'There is no schedule to keep up', 'One Thursday' and 'The importance of the time doing nothing'.

The theme of the 'time of cicadae' relates to how in their 17 years of life, Cicadas only spend 2 weeks above the ground in summer. So for 16 and a bit years of life cicadae are devoted entirely to becoming a real cicada, which in itself only lasts for these final two weeks. Yeon Ock reflects on this as a human through her work, and in turn has treated her own life and work with the same respect.

'Chase Victoria Line' is a book by Yeon Ock that explores the world and life above the victoria line. Mapping the course of the victoria line above ground, Yeon has created geometric limited edition prints of destinations and signs of life that we can now be aware of as we are travelling underneath at dizzying speeds.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Another beautifully hand crafted book for our 10th anniversary celebration- This miniature hatbox contains 3 fold out accordian books with stories and images responding to the question ' What is to be done?'
Each folded by hand and illustrated on one side with narrative on the corresponding side, the hat box explores memories, hats and histories.

-Laura Luck


palindrome |ˈpalinˌdrōm|
a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward, e.g., madam or nurses run.

In celebration of all things that go backwards and forwards with the same consistency, this little black papercut palindrome is a discovery of shape and texture from whichever angle it is viewed from.

-Laura Luck

'Where the seiche sips' is an artist book and a cassette tape created through sound and drawing. In early January this year, Daniel spent 3 days automatic drawing and creating sound loops inspired by an image of a group of people stuck at sea on a rocky outcropping. The result is a composition of surreal sounds and imagery.

-Laura Luck


Nowhere is the first limited edition artist book created by Irene Pineda. 
It is a beautifully hand crafted and paper cut poem that undulates and perforates through the pages of the book.

-Laura Luck

Nowhere explores words existing in our language that have a meaning but not a tangible presence, they are the absences or opposites of elements that surround us and shape our understanding and perception of reality. Words such as silence, emptiness, and zero, could be described as "nothing", and be denied of their existence, yet we feel the need of defining them and give them a place in our vocabulary.
The book tells the story of the place Nowhere where all these non existing things live. It describes each word through typography and a play with a visual representation of their meaning, transforming their abstract nature into concrete concepts.

to see the whole book and other work by the artist

The Frail and the Whale

Part of our last window exhibition by the cargo collective, 'The Frail and the Whale' is an intricately inked illustrated zine depicting a story of the sea.

-Laura Luck


An A4 publication by Neil Mabbs- a demonstration of the beauty to be found in simplicity. A compilation of different photograms that explore the rotation of a single square of graph paper and a series of different sized squares, overlaid on a shifting texture from fine to coarse.

-Laura Luck

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Observer's Book Of

Andrew Malone has bestowed upon us a breathtaking series of altered books. Some of you may be familiar with the classic Observer’s Book Of series, maybe as a result of rifling through the dustier shelves in shops or at home... or perhaps you are just old.

Each book is a completely unique hand-cut artwork. Malone cuts around the outline of every illustration (unless they are on both sides of a page, in which case one gets dissected in the process).

As a book lover, I find altered books can be so wrong they’re right. To deface a book, perhaps one that is becoming increasingly rare, antiquated and valuable should by all rights be a crime. But when done well, it can be a beautiful act. It takes with one hand and gives with the other; every moment of destruction is at once a moment of creation.

These have been in the glass cabinet for a few weeks now, and the Moths, Eggs and Birds books have already been sold. Horses and Ponies, Butterflies, Dogs and Furniture are still available as I write and are £80 each. 

-Jon Lander