Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Nowhere is the first limited edition artist book created by Irene Pineda. 
It is a beautifully hand crafted and paper cut poem that undulates and perforates through the pages of the book.

-Laura Luck

Nowhere explores words existing in our language that have a meaning but not a tangible presence, they are the absences or opposites of elements that surround us and shape our understanding and perception of reality. Words such as silence, emptiness, and zero, could be described as "nothing", and be denied of their existence, yet we feel the need of defining them and give them a place in our vocabulary.
The book tells the story of the place Nowhere where all these non existing things live. It describes each word through typography and a play with a visual representation of their meaning, transforming their abstract nature into concrete concepts.

to see the whole book and other work by the artist

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