Saturday, 9 June 2012

The wonderful world of Yeon Ock Lee

The artist Yeon Ock Lee has installed this beautifully intricate balsa wood cabinet containing a variety of photography, illustration and inspiration books made from 2000-2011. The two bodies of work within are a series of small books outlining the artist's adventures within that time titled the 'Time of Cicadae' and 'A Place to go to feel the beauty of Nothingness'

Both works expound on the importance of conscious awareness within the present moment, about how life literally is slipping through our fingers at every moment, and thus each moment is significantly precious.

Titles within 'Time of Cicadae' include 'There is no schedule to keep up', 'One Thursday' and 'The importance of the time doing nothing'.

The theme of the 'time of cicadae' relates to how in their 17 years of life, Cicadas only spend 2 weeks above the ground in summer. So for 16 and a bit years of life cicadae are devoted entirely to becoming a real cicada, which in itself only lasts for these final two weeks. Yeon Ock reflects on this as a human through her work, and in turn has treated her own life and work with the same respect.

'Chase Victoria Line' is a book by Yeon Ock that explores the world and life above the victoria line. Mapping the course of the victoria line above ground, Yeon has created geometric limited edition prints of destinations and signs of life that we can now be aware of as we are travelling underneath at dizzying speeds.

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