Sunday, 15 July 2012

4000 SHOTS

4000 Shots by Brazilian artist Jonathas de Andrade is a hand-sized paperback containing stills from his super-8 film of the same name. Each frame of the film showed a different unknown man from the streets of modern day Buenos Aires. In the book, each frame has become a page, and by flicking through like a flip book, the film can be reanimated in our hands. 

The pictures are close-up, grainy, black and white, and often very blurred. They could have been taken from any era, but somehow they look like they are more from the sixties or seventies than the present day. They look strikingly like photos lifted from the surveillance files of a bygone Latin-American dictatorship. The men look haggard and downtrodden, behind their furrowed brows one can imagine the broiling of a violent insurrection.

The book includes a foreword in English and Portugese and costs £10. It is signed with an embossed 'bite' from the artist.

-Jon Lander

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