Sunday, 28 October 2012

Two Books About East London

B’east Postcard Book

A collection of 48 vivid postcards showing the ‘Best of East’ (hence B’east). Looking through the book makes it very tempting to shut the shop early and take a wander through East London’s streets, looking for all the colourful people, cafe’s, pubs, shops, graffiti, green spaces (on a sunny day), and hidden spots it heralds.

Why not buy this book and send out a postcard to all your favourite people inviting them to meet you at the site photographed for a cream cake, pint of bitter or jellied eel (delete as appropriate). Or alternatively hoard them all to yourself, so you can tack them up above your toaster and gaze longingly at the epitome of cool that is East London (unless you live in East London, in which case that would be ridiculous).

The B’east Postcard Book costs £12.99 and is available in the bookartbookshop now.

I’ve Lived in East London for 85 ½ Years

This book is heart-warming and hilarious. Less about East London than about one incredible man: a certain Joseph Markovitch.  A photojournalist publication with a difference – the photographer Martin Usborne has given a voice to his unconventional muse.
Joseph Markovitch has lived in East London since he was born on 1st January 1927. Quotes from him on a range of East-London related topics accompany photographs of him in situ around the streets of East London. It’s these words that steal the show – they are laugh out loud funny. Sentences such as ‘Some of the kids used to beat me up – but in a friendly way’ and ‘Hey if a meteor landed in Hoxton Square you think anyone could survive?’

I’ve Lived in East London for 85 ½ years is by Martin Usborne and is published by Hoxton Mini-Press. It costs £12.50 and is available in the Bookartbookshop now.

- Jon Lander

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