Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Alien Invasion

Screen Printer and Book Artist Otto recently arrived at Pitfield Street on his gargantuan BMW motorbike loaded with more of his creations.

COOKFOODBOOK a collaboration with Katherina Manolessou is a great alternative food book, bearing no recipes, no information, no soft focus close ups of rows of spice piles and, most importantly, no smiling Nigellas. As with all Otto’s books, it is exquisitely made; designed, screen-printed and bound to perfection.

He also brought in one copy of his fold-out book Alien Invasion (so first one here wins). This book is mind-blowing. When closed it is unusually tall (making it a puzzle to find it a home in our presumptuously sized shelves). It opens out like a butterfly spreading its wings, exponentially doubling its size through three stages of unfolding until it rises to an unbelievable 8 times its original size. Otto often illustrates poems written by others, this case is no exception, except in this instance it is the word of God (intrigued?). It’s bold in scope and awe-inspiring stuff.

COOKFOODBOOK costs £25 and Alien Invasion costs £60. Both are available in the Bookartbookshop now.

- Jon Lander

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