Tuesday, 4 December 2012

English Road Movies

John Bently of Liver and Lights has produced a 4-part series of little handmade books called English Road Movies. Each one contains a poem and wood-cut illustrations about a different journey. To Penge on an old Routemaster, via Bromley Sth by train, via Brixton on the 159 from Streatham Hill and the overnight coach from Buchanan Street, Glasgow to Kings Cross.

Each poem is a heart-warmingly honest and funny portrayal of the romance, nightmares and sheer mundane hell of travel. It is perhaps the most definitive folk tradition of the English to elaborate upon the trials and tribulations of a journey to friends, family and total strangers with a level of cinematic clarity and drama to rival the finest Hollywood screenwriters. Here Bently takes this a step further by promoting his portfolio of travel tales to book form, dedicating them to the paper and ink we all know our own stories likewise deserve.

The books are £12 each. Or if you want something incredibly special you can invest in the whole series shrouded in a hand-painted wooden slipcase in the shape of a Red London Bus for £120, we only have one of these in the shop so no dilly-dallying.

- Jon Lander