Monday, 4 March 2013

Sea & Sea

The very cool, current collective Calm & Collected have launched a very cool, current coveted publication entitled Sea & Sea. It is a hectic show case of graphic illustrative work by C&C plus guest artists, all tied together by a maritime theme.

Calm & Collected are a collection of anonymous artists who have banded together under the united banner to release art, books, prints, exhibitions and doubtless more besides.

Sea & Sea deploys a menagerie of lush printmaking techniques - letterpress, screen print and risograph. It is like a graffitied wall in the form of a book, with each artist riffing off each other and trying to out do the next. Nautical messages fill the pages in bold bubble writing. Boats, fish and salty sea dogs are generously depicted throughout.

This must be as high energy as an artists' book can come, rifling through its pages feels a little like turning up at a house party sober, its loud and bright and you can't hear yourself think - the only answer is to down some grog and let the current take you away...Is that a mixed metaphor? Lets say its a boat party.

Sea & Sea by Calm & Collected costs £30 and is in a limited edition of 35 copies. It is available in the Bookartbookshop now

- Jon Lander

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