Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture

Hey! Is for the true image addict. This Bilingual import from our French neighbours is an unbeatable source of off-the-wall outsider art and illustration. It is a quarterly magazine and we have issues going all the way back to the first edition published back in 2010. There are now 13 of them, each one as packed with gloriously lavish and surreal imagery as the next.

The luscious print quality and generous page size shows off the featured artists well, and these images are supported by in depth interviews that provide a decent glimpse into the personalities of everyone involved. It is a magazine that truly celebrates the creative individual.

Founded by Anne and Julien, they started the magazine with the philosophy of further breaking down the boundaries between 'high' art and 'low' art, showing work that is as equally influenced by the culture and history of tattoos, graffiti and comics as it is of painting. Their wilful manifesto gives the magazine a strong backbone, bringing a thrillingly diverse range of international artists together in one place.

Through their collaboration with the Halle St. Pierre Museum in Paris they have also curated two exhibitions, the exhibition catalogues for these are also available in the shop, bound in extravagantly gilded hardback covers designed by tattoo artist Easy Sacha.

The magazine are priced at £18.99. The catalogues Art Show Part I and Art Show Part II are priced at £30 and £40.

- Jon Lander

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