Thursday, 30 May 2013

With the Worms

John Dilnot's bright and breezy illustrated Artists books celebrate English nature in all its glory. With the Worms, now in its second edition, is a colourful cabinet of creepy crawlies such as you might find in the Natural History Museum's hidden vaults - beetles, ants, millipedes, slugs and worms adorn its pages. Alongside these are more unexpected coins, bones, broken plates; the little relics of recent history that litter our gardens, forest paths or our fields. There is a modern 20p piece but also an old farthing, and a Victorian-looking key. Are these little treasures the real pursuit, or a happy accident? Whether amateur archaeology, or entomology the theme is a child-like curiosity, a willingness to get down and dirty to see what you mind find, and not be bothered by the odd looks in the park...

With the Worms costs £50 and is available in the Bookartbookshop now. We also have other titles from John Dilnot such as Birds, and Bad Apples at £8.50.

- Jon Lander

Friday, 24 May 2013

Folded Light and Tide Lines

Folded Light

Tide Lines
Poised between a sculpture and a book, 'Folded Light' by Les Bicknell is a mesmerising multi-dimensional spectacle. It is composed entirely of blank pages, disrupted by circular holes cut into the paper. The magic lies in these little gateways, which reveal hidden depths of space; paper caves that catch and dissipate a soft light, diminishing to a gentle darkness in the book's heart. Viewed from above, glimmers of gold leaf become visible in between the intricately folded pages. This is a book which holds secrets.

Bicknell's Tide Lines is a concertina book that also deploys the signature cut-holes. A single panoramic photograph of a stony beach is united by a coil of blue string that ducks and dives through the holes in the pages. The string acquires a monumental stature, feeling more like the rigging of a ship strewn on to the beach after a storm, or the swelling waves of the sea itself.

Folded Light and Tide Lines are both one-off creations that can be bought for you to own (and no one else!) for £50 and £35 respectively. We also have a whole range of other works by Bicknell that range from as little as £1.

- Jon Lander

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Deaf Messenger Notebooks

Snow drifts past the window behind me. The phone rings and I pick it up. A screen on the wall beside me signals my performance; I'm being monitored.

My days are the ordered pages of a book. So regular, completely linear. One chapter follows another. Regimented and numbered.

I catch sight of the snow as I release a call. It seems so free. It flurries steadily, silently, changing direction here and there. Walking over to the window the street outside is white – covered in a thin, translucent layer.

In the shop, spray-painted book covers catch my eye. They are notebooks, seemingly full of found papers; pages relocated from one place to another. They feel organic; leaves that have drifted together. Bound one-by-one to become ordered.

I know we can’t escape the system that governs our lives. But there is space for difference and for freedom within our constraints. And maybe we need to push at those limits, or allow ourselves to drift a little.


This is an extract from Chris Gibson's text-based installation 'Between the Actual and the Possible' that was installed in the shop from the 19th April to the 3rd May