Friday, 24 May 2013

Folded Light and Tide Lines

Folded Light

Tide Lines
Poised between a sculpture and a book, 'Folded Light' by Les Bicknell is a mesmerising multi-dimensional spectacle. It is composed entirely of blank pages, disrupted by circular holes cut into the paper. The magic lies in these little gateways, which reveal hidden depths of space; paper caves that catch and dissipate a soft light, diminishing to a gentle darkness in the book's heart. Viewed from above, glimmers of gold leaf become visible in between the intricately folded pages. This is a book which holds secrets.

Bicknell's Tide Lines is a concertina book that also deploys the signature cut-holes. A single panoramic photograph of a stony beach is united by a coil of blue string that ducks and dives through the holes in the pages. The string acquires a monumental stature, feeling more like the rigging of a ship strewn on to the beach after a storm, or the swelling waves of the sea itself.

Folded Light and Tide Lines are both one-off creations that can be bought for you to own (and no one else!) for £50 and £35 respectively. We also have a whole range of other works by Bicknell that range from as little as £1.

- Jon Lander


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