Wednesday, 25 September 2013

House of Dreams

In our window display we are currently exhibiting the work of Stephen Wright. Stephen Wright is the owner and creator of The House of Dreams Museum located in Dulwich. A life project that has now been running for 15 years, in which he transforms his home into a dream-world filled with all things colourful, kitsch and garish. Eerie dolls, plastic toys and charity shop bric-a-brac are transformed into a vivid and eccentric universe hidden amongst the banal and unassuming streets of Outer South London. This bold display is softened by candid diary entries to Stephen's life painted on the walls of the house, dealing with issues such as the death of his partner two years into the project. 
The house has several open days a year and is currently available to view by appointment, but soon it will be bequeathed to the nation; it is becoming a National Trust property. 
Here at the shop we are selling his book documenting the project. A walk-through photographic tour of the house a picture of the front door adorned with the wry caution "Please note - I decided to go for the minimal look"

Stephen's book, The House of Dreams is available in the Bookartbookshop now for £14. We are also selling his greetings cards, as well as large framed photographic prints and original artworks. 

- Jon Lander

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