Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Books of Vincent Larkin

The artist Vincent Larkin has a restlessly questioning mind. His books blend text and illustration in ways that deliberately defy cliche or pastiche. He seamlessly embroiders fact with fiction, creating universes of semi-reality. 
We are currently exhibiting several of his works for the next two weeks, and i suspect it will take me a lot longer than that to understand them. They need to be read and re-read, mulled over, looked at from every angle. That is not to say that they do not have an immediate impact - they clobber you from the outset with their dramatic scribbly drawings. They are explosive books that fold out exponentially as you open them, or use all three-dimensions of the book by cutting away sections to reveal multiple pages of text and image all at once. 
He explores themes of language, time, and location, often linking disparate people together through historical sequence. If you thought there was nothing meaningful that brought together the two human beings Elvis Presley and Colonel Gaddafi, think again...

Vincent Larkin's books and prints will be on display and for sale until the end of October. Invest in some truly one-off books ranging from £40 to £250, or if that's more than your budget will allow, pick up an A3 print for as little as £5!

- Jon Lander

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  1. The Books of Vincent Larkin has some great message to deliver that's what I think. Good to see such great book and some great messages.