Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Writer's Tool Kit

Sioux Bradshaw has been providing the bookshop with our go-to stocking fillers for years, her little zines (including those in the Christmas series '364 uses for a Santa Suit' and 'How Santa Gets the Satsumas to Put into the Difficult Toe Area of the Stocking') are perfect £3 solutions for the desperate and tired shopper on the last legs of their trendy East London gift spree. They are snappy, funny and immediately likeable gems.

But now Sioux has taken her one-woman production line to a new level with the Writer's Tool Kit. It contains everything the budding novelist requires to kickstart their literary stardom. I won't give it all away, as part of the joy is the surprise when you delve within, but rest assured it will not disappoint with it's array of booklets, objects, games and, of course, paper to write your novel on. It is utterly charming, hilarious and made with the kind of infectious glee that Sioux Bradshaw has an irrepressible knack for. This is the perfect christmas present for the undiscovered Dickens near you. 

The Writer's Tool Kit by Sioux Bradshaw costs £14 and is available in the Bookartbookshop now. It is lovingly handmade and therefore strictly limited in supply so no dawdling!

- Jon Lander